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Dare to Live by Elizabeth Van Liere

Over the Hill, Not Under It
We seniors are a strange lot. Getting a discount at McDonalds makes us grin, yet small changes in routine often bug us. Decisions—should I or should I not?—churn through our minds. We let worries creep into our lives so that sleep eludes us. Hopefully, the devotions in this book will lead the reader to lean on God, accept what disturbs, settle wayward thoughts by prayer, and send hope into the heart.  ~Elizabeth Van Liere, author
Dare to Live
Devotions for Those Over the Hill, Not Under It!
by Elizabeth Van Liere Lighthouse Publishing
ISBN-10: 098331960X
ISBN-13: 978-0983319603
Paperback: 172 pages
Retail: $9.95

Book Summary
Dare to Live: Devotions for Those Over The Hill, Not Under It! is a jolt of spiritual inspiration, a quick boost for your soul. Rediscover God's grace, hope, and power for livingregardless of your place or age in life. In Dare to Live, 87-year-old author Elizabeth Van Liere leads readers through a thirty-day journey to a fuller understanding of what it means to "season slowly with a mighty and loving Savior." This journey pursues a life characterized by relevancy not regret, generosity not grumpiness, and compassion to the end.
These quick shots of instant inspiration might be just what you need to keep going. Whether new to the faith or a lifelong follower of Christ, readers old and young will discover the joy of what it means to be transformed into the image of Jesus and used for His purposes to the very end.
Bonus Material
Chocolates Are Yummy, But God Is Sweeter
(from Dare to Live, Devotions for Those Over the Hill, Not Under It)
So then whatever you eat or drink or whatever you may do, do all for the honor and glory of God.
I Corinthians 10:31 (Amplified)
What is the first goodie to disappear on a dessert table during the fellowship hour at church? Anything chocolate—especially brownies. Ask those among you who is a chocoholic and hands are lifted high with the enthusiasm of a praise and worship band. And happy day! I just read, “Dark chocolate is good for you.” Those words push aside my guilty feelings when I let a piece of chocolate slowly melt in my mouth.
It’s not so much the one piece I savor. It’s when I buy a box of chocolates. Not a huge box—no more than a double layer of brown nuggets. One of my daughters-in-law can buy a Hershey’s candy bar and eat one square a day. Not me. I open the box … slowly inhale the aroma … linger over the choice. Will it be a chocolate-covered caramel, a chocolate-covered truffle, or a crunchy chunk filled with nuts?
I snatch the truffle and shut the box.
Moments later the lid is off again. Just one more piece, then I’ll stop.
Sin is like my addiction to chocolate. To live as God wants me to live, especially in light of His grace, requires that I develop self-control in all things—including chocolate. Paul tells us we are to glorify God at all times. This includes eating, drinking, working or playing. “I will not be mastered by anything,” Paul told the church at Corinth.
Chocolates are only one of God’s gifts to us. Gobbling one piece after another means the object masters us instead of our being the master, just as overindulging in anything can rule our lives. God’s sweetness is more important than craving for chocolate. Do you suppose a chocolate obsession reveals a soul that is weak and easily led astray?
Heavenly Father, You know I cannot keep my hand out of the box of chocolates by myself. I need Your help. So let my eyes skip over the sale at Walgreens for chocolates. Keep my eyes on the road ahead instead of to the side where Stouffers beckons. Grow self-control in me in everything, so all I eat, drink, or do glorifies You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
A Step Further
Proverbs 25:16; I Corinthians 9:24-27
Building Blocks of Faith
Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Why do I feel I can indulge myself just because I’m elderly?
Does it really matter if I take four pieces of candy instead of one?
Author Bio

Van Liere
Elizabeth Van Liere ‘s first story, “The Early Bird,” sent in with numerous mistakes, was published by Child Life in 1961. Since then, with much learning, her inspirational articles, poetry, children’s stories, and devotionals have found homes. Now, some fifty years later, at age 87, her first book is available: Dare to Live, Devotions for Those Over the Hill, Not Under It.
Elizabeth’s husband died in 1991, but she kept busy helping her daughter raise four sons. Others in her family: three sons, ten grandchildren, and fourteen great grandchildren. She loves the chance to visit them all, in Colorado and from California to Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Germany.

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Heather said...

My Grandfather used to make wooden birds, they were beautiful and simple and he made tons of them and gave them to us, the grandchildren, to paint. I still have them, I still cherish them, and they're something I can hold and remember all of the good times we had, and what a wonderful man he was.

Thank you for this lovely giveaway.

Anonymous said...

When my grand kids graduate from High School I make them a memory photo/scrapbook. They love these and look forward to when they get theirs. It starts out with a brief history of G'ma and G'pa moves into their parents and they on from the time they were born through HS highlights.

karenk said...

my grandmother lived w/ us after my grandfather passed away...she taught me a lot about life and living in 'the old country'

kmkuka at yahoo dot com