Friday, October 21, 2011

Knit with Love by Lisa Bogart

 Knit with Love by Lisa Bogart is definitely a motivational book.  If you aren't a knitter before you read the book you'll be motivated to learn how to knit by the time you are finished with reading the book.  Oh, the things I learned about knitting while reading this book.   

Back Cover
"As an avid knitter and yarn-aholic, I devoured this book in one sitting and came away inspired, encouraged, and eager to reach for my needles."--Debbie Macomber, New York Times bestselling author
The rhythm of knitting brings peace and joy to life. Knitters love to share stories, skills, and even their stashes of elegant yarn. And they love finding new outlets for their talents.

Knitting can't feed the hungry, fight crime, or stop global warming. But a hand-knit sweater warms a cold child. A cozy scarf eases a homeless night. A tiny hat comforts a new baby's head. A lovely prayer shawl wraps a worried patient in peace.

Through inspiring stories and gentle encouragement, Knit with Love reveals the many ways you can, with your own two hands, bring joy and comfort to those around you.

Lisa Bogart
is a knitter, weaver, and scrapbooker with a degree in Fine Arts from Colorado State University. She works at Piedmont Yarn & Apparel in Oakland, California, and belongs to three knitting circles.

Publisher's Description

Knitting blesses the knitter in so many ways. It affords quiet time, the satisfaction that comes with a challenge met and a project finished, and a creative passion to share with other knitters. As knitting and the fiber arts enjoy a renaissance in popular culture, more and more women are discovering these personal benefits. But knitting also offers knitters a way to bless those around them with handmade gifts that come straight from the heart. With inspiring stories, Knit with Love encourages and motivates knitters to see their own potential to bring joy and comfort to themselves and those around them. Whether someone has just picked up knitting needles for the first time or is a lifelong knitter, she will discover new ways to share her beautiful creations with others--and the peace that the rhythm of knitting brings to her own life.
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