Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey Kids, Want Some Chocolate? by Melitta Strandberg

 I'm not much of a memoir book reader, but I will have to say this one was good.  I enjoyed reading of the courageous acts of Melitta's father and mother.  The dangerous situations they were in and the ingenious tactics used to protect themselves and their family.    You hear it first hand how they struggled for life and self-subsistence daily.  Read of risks that were taken to get to freedom.  This is a good book if you want to know what it was really like to live during war time.

Author Melitta Strandberg's new memoir follows the Mohr family's remarkable quest for freedom beginning in Romania as WWII was starting and continuing through their perilous experiences in Weimar, infamous home of the Buchenwald concentration camp.

Melitta Strandberg was born on September 3, 1944. Her parents' story began in Romania and is filled with the many risks and the many narrow escapes that could have ended prematurely their quest for freedom. Melitta's own quest ended before she was one year old, but those first few months of her life are intriguing and much about them remains a mystery. Thereafter she has led a successful and typical life. Her first eighteen years were spent in Germany and the remainder of her life has been in the United States. Today she lives with her husband, Herb, in Northern California.

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A copy of this book was provided by the author and Bostick Communications for the purpose of this review.


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