Friday, January 20, 2012

Kaleidoscope collection by Hameray Publishing

I was so excited when Bill from Hameray Publishing contacted me to do some product reviews of their books on my site.  The first collection I chose to review was the Kaleidoscope collection.   The Kaleidoscope Collection is a series of 150 books at various reading levels written by a team of experienced reading teachers, leaders, literacy coaches and reading specialist.  The authors come from many different states and teaching backgrounds.  There are fiction as well as non-fiction titles in the series.  These readers may be used in small groups, individually or put into a classroom library.  Currently there are 40 book available with 50 additional titles to be added here in January of 2012 and 60 more added in January 2013.

Book Features include:
  • a large range of interesting topics that reflect the diverse world of young readers
  • high-quality illustrations/photographs 
  • encounter characters that are familiar to their own lives as well as meet new folks in different jobs and settings
  • prose, poetry and effective use of vocabulary to engage and challenge readers to expand their horizons
  • like a kaleidoscope the books add color and interest and new experiences to the reader

as a teacher I was very impressed with these readers that were sent me to review.  The illustrations were wonderful the print easy to read.  On the average one readers is about 8 pages as to not overwhelm the new budding or the reluctant reader.
Here is a sample of a book using photos...

Here is a sample page of a book using illustrations....

Needless to say my pictures of the pictures doesn't do them justice. 
Here is the sample of books I was sent for this review...

So if you need some reinforcement at home you may want to check out this great collection and others that are put out by Hameray Publishing

review copies have been provided in exchange for my honest review by....


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