Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Quest for Good Manners by Karin Lefranc

Does your child need help with their manners?   In her fun loving book, A Quest for Good Manners, author Karin Lefranc will help them  see the importance of kindness and gratitude.  As they take the adventure with Princess Rosalind and her pet dragon, Sparkler, in search of finding good manners so they may return to the castle in good standing with the Queen.  They face challenges along the way but see how they return to the castle to take the final test.  You'll also want to visit the fun activity pages on the web site.  Be sure to visit the parents page for tips too. I was impressed with the book, its content and illustrations. The illustrations are bright and colorful.  I would say the book and its message is very beneficial and helpful if you are in need of a good reinforcement or resource.   The magic and fun found among the pages help make learning the manners' lesson more fun. 

A Quest for Good Manners was also just a finalist in 2012 Eric Hoffer Awards. In addition, A Quest for Good Manners was also awarded a Mom's Choice Award Gold Seal earlier this year.

You may learn more about the book  here.

 What others are saying about this book:

"a fun and meaningful way to demonstrate to children that good manners are not just boring rules but a show of kindness and consideration to others."--New York Journal of Books

"Lefranc seamlessly melds instruction with entertainment"--Hartford Book Examiner

"It is difficult for me to review this book without gushing just a little bit.  It has been a favorite in my household since the day that it arrived."--Kids Corner

Karin Lefranc teaches kids manners and yoga in Connecticut, where she lives with her husband and four children-three girls and a boy. Lefranc and her family settled in nearby Simsbury after Lefranc traveled the world, working for IDG Books to license the "Dummies" series ( into different languages. A Quest for Good Manners is Lefranc's first children's book.

 Learn 10 Facts You Probably Don’t Know about Karin on her page here

3 things Lefranc suggests parents do to help their children find good manners:

- Role play: practice being different people like a new teacher or neighbor, and shake hands with your child, practicing eye contact and smiling.
- Have your child set the table: they learn the parts to a place setting, and it helps mom and dad get dinner on the table.
- Discuss appropriate behavior with kids before a birthday party, play date or sleepover: have your child brainstorm ways they can display good manners. Let them know how lucky they are to be invited, and ask them questions like why is it important when going home to say "Thank you for inviting me."

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