Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Fit Fun

 Prepare you child for the grade ahead with this Summer Fit Learning curriculum.  Help your child stay fit mentally, physically and socially with fun activities all summer long.   Even though school is out does the learning have to stop?  Never, and it doesn't have to be boring either.  Your child can keep his/her brain and body exercised well even while away from the classroom.  These summer fit books are the most comprehensive workbooks on the market.  Summer Fit comes in P-K, K-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 books. The book I had the privilege to review this year was the P-K grade.  Let's get started with what you will find available to you through Summer Fit...

First, of all we start out with a letter to the parents/guardian and move on with directions explaining how to use Summer Fit.  You'll also find a progress checklist page to use weekly through the 10 week sessions.  Each week there is a page labeled incentive contract where your child keeps running track of daily activities during that week. 

Here are some sample pages from the P-K book....

You may view a sample the the Summer Fit books in pdf file here.

Be sure to visit their web site for on-line mind, body and value activities and activities to download.
Under Mind you'll find 
  • games
  • graded reading lists
  • graded book report templates for download
Under Body you'll find
  • exercise videos
  • fitness index
  • movement activities 
Under Values you'll find
  • additional values based activities and content

For more information visit Summer Fit Learning website here.

Be sure to check out Summer Fit on FB for great updates, promotions, activities, fun facts and noteworthy information. 

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