Monday, May 26, 2008

My review on Bringing Home the Prodigals

My Review: on Bringing Home the Prodigals by Rob Parsons

This was my first book to read of Mr. Parsons'. I enjoyed the read. He was very informative in how we can help to bring our wayward back in line again or better yet how we can keep them from going astray maybe. Mr. Parsons did have many good points in his book and not to get into too much theology there were some points I didn't agree with. The Bible does stress the issue of church discipline and separation; also there are principals in the Bible laid down for any who desire to have a leadership role in the church. I feel these requirements should be met for some leadership positions: pastors, deacons, etc. However, I do agree there are some things that can be more of a personal preferences than Bible principals that we don't have to be so hard on people about. I can see where Mr. Parsons is coming from in the fact that we as a church could cause some prodigals. My view if the Bible doesn't make it an issue why should I? Live by the Bible and you won't go wrong. Mr. Parsons does have good ideas concerning prodigals so maybe you should just read the book for yourself and see what you think. It isn't a long book 120 pages and that is counting blank pages between some chapters. Very easy reading.

Read an author interview and the first chapter Here.


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