Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wealth of Reading

It was Frugal Friday on Simply Susan's blog and she loaded up with wonderful websites to visit of all kinds of things to read. Millions of things to Read; Free on-line reading now how about that. I just couldn't pass it up. I had to pass it on to other readers so they come get in on the knowledge that reading can give. Here is what Susan has to say.
You can find a ton of free stuff online! Resources like An Old Fashioned Education are indespensible! There are tons of free books online, many old textbooks which are great for homeschooling. I've complied a list of websites that offer these free books & texts.
1. 19th Century Girls' Series
2. 19th Centry School Books
3. 1805 New England Primer
4. 1807 New England Primer
5. A Puritan Catechism by C.H. Spurgeon
6. American and English Literature Online Books for Educators
7. Ancient Texts Library
8. Answers in Genesis
9. Apologetics Press Ebooks
10. Bartleby
11. Bibliomania
12. Books for Families
13. Books Online
14. Christian Classics Ethereal Library
15. Christian Corps Book Catalogue
16. Classic Book Library
17. Classical Library
18. Creationism
19. Don Potter
20. Durendal
21. Eldritch Press
22. Freeman Library
23. G.A Henty Novels
24. Grace Books
25. Grace Gems
26. Historical Text Archive
27. Home Economics Archive
28. Infomotions
29. Institute for Christian Economics
30. Internet Archive
31. Internet Sacred Text Archive
32. Kells Craft
33. Knowledge Rush
34. Library of Economics and Liberty
35. Louisa May Alcott: Teacher Resource File
36. Many Books
37. McGuffey's Eclectic First Reader\
38. McGuffey's Primer
39. McGuffey's Speller
40. McGuffey's second reader
41. McGuffey's third reader
42. McGuffey's fourth reader
43. McGuffey's fifth reader
44. MuGuffey's sixth reader
45. Merry Coz
46. Michigan State University Library
47. Nineteenth Centry Children and What They Read
48. Perseus Digital Library
49. Project Gutenberg - HUGE ASSORTMENT OF BOOKS!!!
50. Remnant Prophecy
51. Restoration Movement Texts
52. Shaping the Values of Youth Sunday School Books in 19th Centry America
53. Stairway to Reading Program
54. The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project
55. The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
56. The Great Books
57. The Lawful Path
58. The Online Books Page
59. Understanding Algebra
60. University of Georgia Library
61. University of Miami Department of Mathmatics
62. University of Virginia Library
63. U.S. Department of State Publications
64. U.S. Geological Survey
65. World Wide School Library
66. Ignite the Fire
67. CliffNotes
68. Ambleside on-line library


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