Monday, October 6, 2008

Chasing Diana by Jack and Robin Firestone

I requested to review this book not having too much to go on and what a no no. It was a private e-mail sent to me not through the First family book tours or CFBA tours. Oh, boy. Well, needless to say I'm not finishing it 15 pages was way too much. My copy will go in the trash as that is exactly what it is. I'm sorry. In the first three pages there were 8 swear words. There was reference to Booze and then even where drugs are referred to and used within the first 15 pages. And that is where I stopped. with 3 more curse words I was done for that was 11 obscene words in 15 pages. The book closed. I thought this would be a good book it is supposedly a true account, their story. I'm not giving it praise what so ever. It is not a good book. Enough said. The book is closed and in the trash.


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Holly said...

I didn't care for this one either.