Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Queen Vernita's Visitors by Dawn Mange

Oh, let me tell you about the cutest book I read last night. Dawn does an absolutely beautiful job taking kids a fun way through a calendar year. However, if I had company as Queen Vernita did every day of the year I think I'd be tired by the end of the year. I was tired just reading what Queen Vernita did with her friends through the year. Kids are known for energy though so I guess the fast pass wouldn't faze them. This adventure takes kids through the year starting with Jan., the days of the week and even the number of days in each month is mentioned in the most delightful setting. It's a thumbs up for me.

About the author:

Dawn Menge has a master's degree and clear credential in Special Education. She has
worked with the severely handicapped population for eleven years and is currently
working toward her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. She combines imagination with
practical skills to make learning fun, and she draws on her own experiences, friends, and family members to create Queen Vernita's kingdom and characters.

What the publisher says about the book:

Parents and Teachers: New Book Helps Reinforce Calendar Skills for Children
Pinon Hills, CA, Oct 21, 2008 - Author Dawn Menge presents Queen Vernita's Visitors,

a colorful children's book that provides a fun and creative way for parents and teachers to teach the days of the week and the months of the year.
Using repetition and drilling techniques helps to reinforce facts and concepts. Teachers and parents know that it's easy to diminish a child's interest in learning if the process itself is boring. Dawn Menge is well aware of this, and cleverly disguises the learning process in a series of tales that are sure to capture a child's attention. In Queen Vernita's Visitors, the queen invites twelve young friends to visit with her, one for each month of the year. And the queen is a hostess who knows how to show her friends a good time! From snowball fights on Fridays in February to picking apples every Thursday in September, Queen Vernita and her friends enjoy a variety of games and adventures, capturing kids' imaginations while reinforcing their calendar skills. Queen Vernita's Visitors is destined to be a treasured addition to every child's home and a useful teaching tool in the classroom.

About the book:

Queen Vernita's Visitors by Dawn Menge
ISBN: 978-1598007145
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: May 2008
Pages: 36
S.R.P.: $12.95


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