Friday, October 31, 2008

My review of Heavenly Places by Kimberly Cash Tate

This book was a real treat to read. I enjoyed Kimberly Tate's view on being placed in Heavenly Places. You learn to fall in love with all the characters as they are developed. Treva is seeking for being someone important in her world since her childhood was less than desirable as she grew up in the 'color makes a difference era'. Even her own mother put color above everything causing great friction between mother/daughter. Hezekiah is such a jewel anyone could wish their spouse was as good to them. You'll just love him. Then there are the girls in the Bible study group. Each with their own personality and skeletons in their closest that come out and are developed. Forgiveness is always a must in every relationship. There is Darlene, Hezekiah's mother, oh, how everyone would love for a mother-in-law so kind and tender and loving so unconditionally. Key is friendship no matter what and forgiveness a must. Well, you'll just have to grab a book and read for yourself. I know you'll find yourself in one of the many characters. Tate provides a readers guide. Yes, this book could be used in a book club reading. Would be an excellent choice. I think almost every women's issue is touched on.

Read the first chapter here.


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