Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My review of The Red Siren by M. L. Tyndall

Ok this is another Wow! book in my opinion.

In this book we find a feisty, red head who merely considers herself Robin Hood of the seas. She vows never to marry and to look after her sisters at her mother's deathbed wish. Faith is loyal to no other cause than her sisters' welfare in her lady life and in her act of piracy. Her sister's welfare and future consumes her. It was for them she sailed the seas and risked her life in pillaging ships. The Red Siren, her ship and her faithful friend, is Faith's ticket to the sea, wealth and freedom.

There's nothing that will stop her, not even the Captain of the HMS Enforcer, Dajon Waite. Will Captain Waite be able to tame this determined, defiant, confident, spitfire red head? He's the pirate hunter. Dajon patrols the seas to rid them of any pirates. He lost his ship to this lady pirate 5 years earlier. Dajon vows to follow God's laws and man's rules but will a budding love for this feisty red head come in his way to keep his vows.

But then there's the scoundrel, Sir Wilhelm Carteret, that gets in the way. Faith's father has promised her hand in marriage to him. Faith would rather hang for her piracy than to marry him. Would Mr. Carteret be the key to tame the wildcat? Or will she stay in shackles all her married life.

Mary Lu has out-done herself with this 'Lady by Day and Pirate by Night' novel. Now she has me setting on my seat waiting for the next book in the series to come out in the fall.

You may read the first chapter here.


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