Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Dee over @ Christian Fiction has posted an article to help get the word out about books. It is just a simple 5 ways to Support your Favorite author. I thought I'd share her ideas here... No actually, I'm only going to share three of them and you have to go to her site to get the other two. So here's the start of her article......

We're in a money crunch, but we love books, and if you're an avid reader like me you find yourself buying books despite your budget. For instance, in thirty minutes I'm heading to my daughter's school book fair to what? by some books.

But do you know there are some very cheap things you can do to support author...for free? Aw, yeah, baby:

1. Call your local bookstore and pre-order the book. What this does is ensures that your author's book will be sitting in the store for you to buy when your payroll check clears and it also alerts the store that your author is worthy of shelf space. And bonus, you are giving your local bookstore some love. They love to know that all bookbuyers aren't just using Amazon.

2. take a pic of you and your favorite book in the bookstore and then email it to your friends with the bookstore, Walmart, whatev location or send it on twitpic or facebook. You become a viral marketer for your fave author. If you do this, let me know.

3. Ask you local library to stock the title. Libraries want to be sure that they are housing titles that is relevant to their community. If you can't afford to purchase, know that your local public library can.

....Read the other two tips here...


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Belle said...

Those are some good ideas! Thank you for sharing them.