Monday, February 9, 2009

Too Tall Alice by Barbara Worton

Alice finds herself standing taller than any other girl in her class. She's so tall during the class pictures she's put in the back with the boys. Alice isn't happy with her height at first but finds that it isn't that back after all. Everyone is unique in their own way and Alice just had to find her place. This book is geared toward the 7-11 age group. That group that is trying to identify with something or someone. Trying to gain their self-esteem. Kids will learn it's ok to be different from Alice's story. The pictures are very whimsical. You just go to love it. I love to knees on Alice. She's the next basketball star; I just know she is.

About the author:
Author Barbara Worton has been telling and publishing stories since she was a little
girl. Her first book was Bedtime Stories: The short, long and tall tales of a sleepwriter,
published by Great Little Books in October 2007. Her story "London Calling" is featured
in Memoirs of John Lennon. Barbara lives in New Jersey with her husband Geoff.

About the Illustrator:
Dom Rodi
studied graphic design in the U.K. He's worked in publishing as an art director, and managed a leading London illustrators agency. He lives in Florida with his wife, Jan, and their talking cat, Taffy.

More details About the book:
Too Tall Alice by Barbara Worton
ISBN: 978-0979066115
Publisher: Great Little Books
Date of publish: March 15, 2009
Pages: 32
S.R.P.: $15.95


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