Monday, June 22, 2009

100 Bible Stories & 100 Bible songs by Stephen Elkins

What a way to teach a young one Bible stories than with their very own Bible story book. This padded hard cover book is just the right size to fit in your lap along with your child. It isn't too big and bulky. The pictures are wonderful and would catch any youngster's eye. The Bible stories are very short for their little attention span. Each story has a life action application and a song on the CD to go along with it. Also for the older child you may look up the Bible story in your Bible if you wish. I was afraid I wouldn't like the CD's because I'm from the old church and don't like the rocky song of today, however, I was pleasantly surprised with the songs. They aren't rocky and any child would love to listen to the short choruses.

The stories are of wide variety from creation (the Beginning) to Rev. (the End). Your child will learn Old & New Testament stories. Adam, Moses, Noah, Elijah, Balaam Rahab, Ruth, Hannah and The disciples, Paul, Zacchaeus, and many others. The songs range from Bible story songs such as Only a Boy Named David or Who Built the Ark; to Bible Truth songs: Do Not Judge or To Obey is Better. There are Scripture verse songs such as Behold, Behold or Such a Time as This. Praise songs: What a Friend we have In Jesus, Kumbaya and you'll find Character building songs such as: Kindness, Sharing is caring and many more.

This is a thumbs up for any youngster ages 3-7 and old ones would just love to listen to the fun songs. My teenage girls do and so do I. Anyone with a young heart would love it. It's not too early to start think about Christmas. Highly recommended from a conservative.

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