Monday, June 15, 2009

My review of Direction

Directions is a book written by Cheri Cowell to help people who are in need of help in making decisions in their life. It will help you in knowing and doing God's will and when the door is open what to do. She take you through 4 basic guide posts: prayer, signs, the Bible and Inner Peace and helps you to ask questions in her 4 personal pathways approach to finding God's will. She'll walk you through 6 questions to ask in the decision making process and help you to see if it really is of God. Helps you to see that Faith isn't blind as many people think it is, because God is faithful. Sometimes our decisions need to be made to help stretch us, to grow us, and strengthen us, which can often find us venturing into the unfamiliar which many don't like to do. It's change that grows us. We will encounter obstacles along the way but they are there for a reason too. A few quotes I liked while reading this book were:

"The shortest distance between tow points is a direct line,... that is unless the Lord is directing the way." With the Lord, the shortest distance might weave through wisdom's waiting room. The Lord may be stretching us, growing us & strengthening us. "

"We may never like change but its the winds of change that lift our wings, allowing us to fly higher and further than we otherwise could."

So if you are needing some discernment for decision in your life Cheir Cowell's book direction may be just what you need to pick up and read.

Read more about the book here.

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