Thursday, June 11, 2009

When that Day Comes by Louise Alberto McAtee

Go back in memory with Rosa as she reminisces what really matters in life: Her family and happy times. This was a very heartwarming story about the love and family of Rosa. Daddy believed in the family and the staying close. You'll learn of her growing up life in South Philadelphia on 17th Street to be exact. She holds dear her childhood days and home life. Though home was plain it was warm and the family ties were tight. Life can toss you its proverbial curve, but with God's help and strength He'll help you through it all When that Day Comes. Which is exactly the case of Rosa. Just hold on to God's hand in the hard and bad times and He'll get you to the end.

This was just a wonderful family book to bring back memories of how simple families use to live and loved it. It was a very good breath of fresh air in the hurry times of today. You'll love meeting Rosa's family. Mother who is matter-of-fact and direct that is brave in Rosa's eyes. She loves music. Dad who likes to make unforgettable impressions and his family is of utmost importance. He's fun loving, and loves to tell stories and quite the joker. He is Rosa's hero & best friend. They have a special bond. Grandpop who is gentle and generous.

In this book the home is filled with fun and love, that which for the most part in our day is lacking in our homes. You'll find that in the city with little space there is still much for Rosa and her friends to do. I can't sing this book's praise enough. I'll have to give it to Louise for such a wonderful picture of what true family life should be. You'll just have to get a copy of this book and read it for yourself.

About the Author:

Louise Alberto McAtee was born and raised in South Philadelphia. From youth she realized her ability with words. Her simple, but direct style speaks words long remembered. She also has written Laughter Belongs to Yesterday. For children she created Sunday School lessons and stories.

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