Monday, November 17, 2008

For the Love of St. Nick by Garasamo Maccagnone

This is a very short book 44 pages. Dad packs up the boys and moves to MI because of military duty. The dad is sent on a secret mission with the military. The boys are left with a Nanny as their mother has died. The youngest boy is sickly and the book doesn't really say what his sickness is. ST. Nick shows up and prays for the sick boy. The magic of Christmas is among the pages of this book.

Read Author's Christmas Memories article here.

I will be hosting the author with Christmas memories on my blog through Virtual tours on Nov. 16th, 2009 be sure to return as there will be a giveaway with this book provided through Virtual tours.

From the publisher:

Come find the magic of Christmas.

Shelby Township, MI - October 27, 2008 - In For the Love of St. Nick by Garasamo

Maccagnone (BookSurge Publishing, October 2008) two California boys coping with the

loss of their mother, find themselves uprooted when their father, a Navy Commander, is

transferred to a base in northern Michigan.

With the youngest boy continuously sick, the family must survive military life and the

northern elements as they dwell in their little hunter's cabin on Lake Huron.

When the boys' father must leave prior to Christmas to fulfill his secret mission for the

United States Military, the boys are surprised by a chance encounter that saves a life and

reunites a family.

A tale of family and the magic of the season, Garasamo Maccagnone's latest literary

masterpiece will soon become a Christmas classic.


"As with Maccagnone's novel, St. John of the Midfield, this story is held together by

human emotions: the sorrow over the loss of a wife and mother, the pain of leaving home

behind and the promise of starting fresh, the joys of living in the Michigan wilderness,

and the fear of losing the person who connects you to the past. Woven into all this is the

magic of Christmas and an undying belief in the love of St. Nick.

A truly remarkable Christmas tale, For the Love of St. Nick is a must read for those who

hold family and Christmas close to their hearts."

- Cheryl C. Malandrinos, The Book Connection

About the author:

Garasamo Maccagnone is the author of The Affliction of Dreams, a collection of short

stories and poetry, a children's book titled, The Suburban Dragon, and the novel St. John

of the Midfield.

Maccagnone currently resides in Shelby Township, Michigan with this three children and

wife Vicki.

More about the book:

For the Love of St. Nick by Garasamo Maccagnone

ISBN: 9781439210123

Publisher: BookSurge Publishing

Date of publish: October 2008

Pages: 46

S.R.P.: $8.99


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