Friday, November 7, 2008

My review of John 3:16 by Nancy Moser

This book was a wonderful read. My how the author put much thought into making the people in each group intertwine. How one young man and one verse can pull so many together is beyond me but like they say it's a small world. So many things that this book brings out: God's gift, new beginnings, grace, peace and forgiveness. You just never know who your life might touch. Plant the seed William did and oh the people's lives that he touched. He lived in a way that people knew God was going on inside of him. William came to grips with the understanding that his future wasn't football but John 3:16. Football was his present-his right now- but not his future, that was John 3:16. John 3:16 was the key to everything. William helped change many lives, made them better; he even saved a life. He lived a life of death to self. We never know what the future holds-all we can do is act, execute the the next play and hope for a victory. This was a very wonderful and enjoyable read. I highly recommend it. I have just this week won one of Nancy's other books called "The Quest". I'm looking forward to reading it with the scripture Matt. 7:7 intertwined through out it. Go ahead read the first chapter.

You can read the first chapter here.


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