Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Moon Shines Down by Margaret Wise Brown

When I saw this book up for bloggers to review I jumped at the chance. My daughters loved Good-Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. We wore that book out along with Dr. Seuss's books. Kids love rhythm and rhyme in the early years. My girls are older so I thought what a good book to have for them to read to kids they babysit for and future Grandkids (far future). This book was a lost transcripts of Margaret Wise Brown as the inside of the book alludes to, but you won't be disappointed.

Brown takes the reader down the path and around the world in the night with God and the moon shining down. In this book the reader is given the chance to visit many cultures and get a glimpse of what they might find if they visited that country with the moon shining down on them. They will visit a little Dutch boy and the the cows in the fields of Switzerland, moving on into the Far East. They will visit Mexico and the wonderful land of Australia, France and even go to the jungles of Africa where the moon shines down. There's even a look at the magical night of Christmas. The book even takes you into the far depths of the sea as we visit where the moon shines on all God's creatures living there. Your child will meet fireflies, crickets and sheep in the fields. What a way to end the day for your child to see God and the moon shining down on them. If my girls were still little I'm sure it would quickly become a night favorite just as Good-Night Moon did.

What I liked the best is that this book does bring God into it all. It doesn't leave Him out. Where doesn't the moon shine? You'd be hard press to find a place on this wide earth. You could also use this as a seek and find book having your child find certain creatures or things in the pictures. The illustrator did a wonderful job at bringing the night scenes to life on each and every page. What a gift to give at Christmas the gift of a book will last for years to come.

You may follow this link to find out more information on this book.
The Moon Shines Down by Margaret Wise Brown


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