Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Bouncing Boy by ILIA

Jack was laughed at by many - he was teased and called names. From his birth he was a BIG boy, BIG baby, BIG toddler, BIG boy & BIG teenager. Jack was blamed for all the problems in town. After the death of his parents Jack didn't take care of himself so the towns people banished him to the woods outside of town. He lived a lonely life. One day however, a problem arose in town. Everyone started sprouting flowers in place of hair--even bald heads. Problem was the flowers stunk. Before long the whole town stunk. There was one man that was able to overcome the sad situation. He was as frail and old as the bouncing boy was as big and round. They made for a mighty sight to see. The boy bounced rhythmically up & down as the man hobbled from side to side. They set out to find a way to save the town from the horrible smell. Along the way they had to overcome many obstacles. What a rescue team they were. They were an unlikely duo, but they were racing against time. The remedy was found in plenty in the woods that the boy lived in just outside of town. I'll leave you to read the rest of the story. To find out if they duo was able to save the town.

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