Wednesday, March 18, 2009

15th Christian Book Carnival

I want to thank Jennifer for allowing me to host this carnival at my blog. Also want to encourage more Blog reviewers to send your entries to Jennifer for future carnivals. What a wonderful carnival to have so many book reviews right at your fingertips--well maybe just a click of the button away. Anyway, please feel free to send Jennifer your book review so she can post it in the carnival next week. You can e-mail Jennifer @ jennifer at quiverfullfamily dot com

Now for this week's Carnival, though little it is mighty.
Let's start with a Non-fiction book....

This book review was submitted by Jennifer who blogs @ Quiverfull Family.

Now for the Fiction books....

Nicole who blogs over at Into the Fire has submitted a Double Whammy with this book duet.

Read My review of An Irishwoman's Tale here.

Thanks for all that participated in the carnival and I hope that next week more will join in. Be sure to send your reviews to Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family I'd love to see more people post book reviews on this carnival. You can Check out Jennifer's site here....

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Jennifer Bogart said...

Thanks Abi! You did a great job :). I know there are other reviewers out there! ;)

hopeofglory said...

Thanks, Abi, for linking to my blog for these reviews. Good job!