Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Joanna's Adventure by M. J. Conner

Joanna Brady wishes for excitement in life. Joanna lives in a small prairie town, Cedar Bend, KS. Nothing happens in Cedar Bend. Everything is just assumed, such as, she would one day marry Mark Hopkins though he's never purposed marriage. After all Mark was a good man with good intentions. He was reliable. She wants some adventure; maybe even something a tad dangerous. Would Clay Shepherd be the answer to her prayer for adventure? He carried an air of mystery and romance about him and she did desire adventure. He was known to roam from ranch to ranch; state to state. Will Joanna be able to keep her faith or will she put her desires above God's best for her just for adventure. We should be careful who we associate with and-----what you pray for because you just may get more than you bargain for.


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