Monday, March 2, 2009

Max Lucado's Hermie and Friends # 12 DVD

This is a wonderful movie for kids. In this movie they teach how God made each of us different and we have our own things that we are good at. Skeeter thinks his dad loves his brother better because his brother's stinger is straight not crooked as his is. However, his brother, Skeeto, things their dad loves Skeeter because he can fly. They learn that they are both special in their own way. Skeeto likes adventure and Skeeter gets lost where ever he goes so he sticks to the garden and never leaves it. I don't know why but I never could get into veggie tales, but this series I believe I could enjoy. The bugs are so cute. This one will go into the baby-sitting bag for my teenage daughters. (Running time is about 30-40 minutes for the movie. )

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