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A Cousins Promise by Wanda E. Brunstetter

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A Cousin's Promise

Barbour Books (March 1, 2009)


Wanda Brunstetter


Wanda enjoys writing about the Amish because they live a peaceful, simple life─something she says we all need in this day and age.

Using the knowledge her Amish friends have shared with her, Wanda has also produced several children’s titles in the Rachel Yoder─Always Trouble Somewhere series, an Amish cookbook, and a devotional collection entitled The Simpler Life, which was released in July 2008 and celebrates the virtues of the Amish lifestyle. Wanda and her husband are members of the fellowship of Christian Magicians.

Wanda is also a member of the North American Association of ventriloquists, American Christian Fiction Writers, and the Northwest Christian Writers Association. She lives in Washington State, where her husband pastors, but takes every opportunity to visit Amish settlements across the country.

Other books by Wanda are A Sister's Test, A Sister's Hope, and A Sister's Secret


Wayne Lambright who, crippled after a tragic accident, feels himself unworthy of her love; and Jake Beechy who, after having abandoned her to explore the English world, returns to renew their courtship.

Willkumm to the lush and lavish Amish country where Wanda Brunstetter's new romantic series, Indiana Cousins, begins with A Cousin's Promise. Loraine Miller finds herself torn between the love of two good men.

When a horrific accident cripples Wayne Lambright, he finds it difficult enough to take care of himself, much less Loraine Miller, his future bride. Will he sacrifice his happiness to give her a better life?

Having already been jilted once, Loraine is terrified of yet another rejection. But does she love Wayne enough to marry him, for better or worse? When her old boyfriend Jake Beechy returns from exploring the English world, he hopes Loraine will give him another chance.

How will God work to give Loraine the desires of her heart? To which man will she pledge her love and loyalty - for better or worse, until death they do part?

If you would like to read the first chapter of A Cousin's Promise, go HERE

My Review:

I always love to read Wanda's books. She is so good. Cousin's Promise is no exception. As the story begins we see a group of Amish cousins hiring a driver to take them to Hersey Park in PA. Finding themselves in a serious accident with a semi, a fun time turns into a nightmare. Some in the group are killed, others have major injuries and still others come away with minor injuries. Several of the group are promised to be married, this being their last big single fling. Will they find themselves able to keep their promise to be married or will their injuries keep them from fulfilling their promise. Some friends and family offer love and encouragement; others are more pessimistic about things. Will the dark times turn into better times?

had already been faced with one broken promise to Jake Beechy. Will Wayne keep his end of the promise? She is determined to keep her end of the promise no matter what. Will they be able to Trust in the Lord and let Him take care of things--commit their future to God. It is so hard to do good to others when they are mistreating you.


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