Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I volunteered to read this book because I have parents that are of the age of Social Security so I thought maybe it would help to give me some insight. As I was reading through the book the light came on; you know you don't have to be on Social Security to take Valerie Kent's advice and use it. It is practical fugal living advice for anyone if you ask me.

Mrs. Kent gives practical advice for living on Social Security benefits. She helps seniors live gracefully to the best of one's advantage on the limited assets of Social Security. You must prioritize between what is merely wanted and what is truly needed she says. Must make a plan and be disciplined in following through with the plan. Mutual respect and open communication with one's partner is of utmost importance.

Kent discusses the following issues for those starting over in their 60's and 70's.

  • Wedding plans
  • Choosing a place to live
  • Putting households together
  • finances
  • health issues
  • wheels
  • food & exercise
  • friends
  • travel
  • romance

At the end of each chapter there are key considerations to sum up what she said in the chapter. Kent's book is a very fast easy to read book and the advice is practical to any age group if you ask me. Kent helps find the "We" factor in the you & I. Reaching an agreement when living on much less is the what this book is all about. Compromise and being willing to concede some territory is what it is all about. Very down to earth for and good advice for any average joe, senior citizen or not.


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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the great review, Abi. I felt Val's advice would be excellent for many age groups, too. I especially loved the parts where she spoke of compromise because that seems to be so missing in today's society.

Thanks again.