Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Believe Bunny by Tish Rabe

The I Believe Bunny is a cute book written in rhyme will catch any child's attention. Through animal characters the author teaches young children the importance of prayer. They see that God will answer prayer if we take the time to call upon Him when in time of trouble. Rabbit it the only one who hears mouse's cry for help has she is being swept down the river. Rabbit unsure that he can do anything starts praying asking God to send help. He realizes that with God's help he can be strong enough to help his mouse friend. The illustrations are very well done also, not bright very pastel, but well done. I think any young child would love to see this book under the Christmas tree. It is never too early to be thinking about Christmas. A cute little bunny charm is awarded this book. I'm putting this one in our church library.

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