Thursday, July 30, 2009

Read and Share Toddler Bible and DVD by Gwen Ellis

Want a good book and DVD to reinforce the Bible stories your young toddler will be hearing for the rest of their lives? Then this is the book for you. This book is a nice size, just right for the toddler's little hand, soft hard cover. It comes with a DVD of 14 of the more popular stories, Creation, Noah, Abram, Joseph, David, Moses and Baby Jesus + more: Balaam and Lost Sheep. The DVD stories are short 3 minute colorful animated stories that will hold your toddler's attention. The book has 40 Bible stories with illustrations that just as colorful as the DVD and designed to keep the toddler interested. Each story has an interactive learning suggestion at the end for the parent to give them some parent/child time. These activities reinforced the Bible story you've just read. There are fun catchy words throughout the stories too such as: splish and splash, flop, clop, clop and whoosh to name a few. The activities include pictures and collages to create, songs to sing and move to, stories to act out or actions to preform. There are task charts to make for good obedience rewards (stickers) and discussions to bring out. Toddler/Pre-School age will love this interactive book and DVD. Why not put one under the Christmas tree this December for your favorite toddler or pre-schooler. Mine is going to go in my church library.

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