Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Reading Fun

Presents: Ideas for Summer Reading Fun!

Increase interest in reading for fun. Instead of simply going through a book list, try a creative approach:

Interest-Related: Ask your children what kinds of activities, events, or games they’d love to do over summer break. For each item, find related reading materials. For instance, if a child wants to learn how to double-dutch jump rope, look for instructional books, fiction stories in which jump roping is the main event, and magazine articles about kids who compete in jump rope contests.

Goal-Oriented: Set up contests. Categories could include the highest number of books, widest variety of genres, most words read, strangest stories, etc.

For the whole family: Pick one of your children’s favorite cartoons or movies. Read the book version out loud as a family. At the end of the book, compare the literary and TV versions. Then write or draw a story of similar genre that uses includes your family as the characters. So if your child’s favorite story is a cartoon about sea creatures, make each family member a different fish in your own story.


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