Monday, July 13, 2009

A touch of Grace by Lauraine Snelling

Jonathan Gould finds himself in Blessing, ND. City slicker coming to the country to learn what real work is. Jonathan's father and the Bjorklund family have been friends for many years. Jonathan has only known the easy life. His dad wants him to get a taste of what it really means to work, so he sends him to North Dakota for the summer. Away from servants, cooks and the easy life Jonathan doesn't take long to fit into the family and country life. He learns to milk cows, garden, harness horses, speak Norwegian and even learn sign language. Actually he becomes quite fond of North Dakota and even a special young lady. I have loved Lauraine Snelling's Red River series. They have been my favorite I'm not partial; not related in any way and don't draw a paycheck from her (though not a bad idea). I just live in the area where the stories are stemmed from so we connect. Though I can't say I've been please with every one of Snelling's books this series and subsequence has been two thumbs up from me. I have all 17 of these books: RR of the North (6), Return to RR (3), Daughters of Blessing (4) and the Dakotah Treasures (4). And I can't wait for the next series: Home to Blessing comes out in the fall. She's not putting them out fast enough for me.


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