Thursday, November 19, 2009

Annual Gobble-Gobble Plunge.....

This article by Author Kimberley Woodhouse was just too cute to let it pass without notice. Need a good laugh for the day then read on and be sure to go to her site for the rest of the story. You won't be disappointed to say the least. Without further delay here's Kim's article. Some author's have a way of writing.

Well folks, it's that time of year again. I've now had 352 requests about my turkey diving story... (yes, I'm anal enough to go and count them) - "when are you going to post turkey diving?" "I want to read turkey diving again" "Isn't it turkey diving time?"

So this is for all of you... And if you haven't experienced turkey diving yet, I expect you to try it and I wanna hear all about it!

After much interest in a post where I mentioned turkey diving -(and don't forget the prodding and threats from my wonderful readership) - This story's for you!

Our Safeway does this great thing before Thanksgiving where turkeys go on sale (this really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone). Anyway, it will have the really nice, brand-name turkeys for a deal - like up to a 14 pounder for a few bucks, and then over a 14 pounder for a couple bucks more. The key - is getting the most turkey poundage for your buck, right? Everyone with me so far? .... (Read the rest of the story here..... You won't be sorry you clicked.)


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