Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Words at Work by Lynda McDaniel

Book Summary ~

Words @ Work: Powerful business writing delivers increased sales, improved results, and even a promotion or two.

Association for Creative Business Writing

Creative writing isn’t just for novelists and poets anymore. Or copywriters. Isn't it time somebody thought of all the workers writing letters and reports, articles and proposals every day at work? With a little creativity, they can enjoy not only increased sales and improved results, they just might have a little more fun at work.

I wrote my latest book, Words @ Work, and founded the Association for Creative Business Writing for all of them.

My review:

What possessed me to offer to write a review on this book about writing I'll never know. I am far from qualified to write about this book. However, it was sure fun to read and get some pointers on good writing tips. In Words @ Work, the author says...

  • Everyone can learn to write.
  • Bad writers just stopped too soon.

So I'll just plod along with my review and trust you will buy the book and learn some tips the author has to offer.

I was interested in this book for two reason:
1.) My daughter is a freshman in college taking business so thought maybe she'd benefit from it
2.) Maybe I'd benefit from it as I write reviews for books on my blog.

Writing is a form of communication and communication is so important in our basic life.
Our writing skills are so important in this fast paced world we live in.

McDaniel's book helps develop ideas in an organized and creative way. She brings creative writing into the business world.

The author says we need to have....
  • an exciting beginning.
  • a fact-filled middle
  • a compelling ending

The techniques McDaniel shares way to write dynamic:

          • letters
          • e-mail
          • blogs
          • articles
          • reports
          • brochures
          • newsletters
          • sales materials
          • training material
          • web content
          • direct mail
          • press releases
          • resumes
          • cover letters
          • and more, so much more....
I loved reading the author's stories and illustrations. The author mentions that when it comes to writing the only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves.

McDaniel cautions that there is a time to listen to our OE (ornery editor) and there is a time to disregard it. Editing is the most important part in writing process. Editing is done in short settings not long ones. Those that write good edit and edit and edit and when they're done they edit some more. E.B. White, author of Charlotte's Web, edited 20-25 time before getting it right.
Yes, I've edited this post many times-not sure 20, but maybe almost.

If you wish to improve your writing skills then this book would be a big benefit for you. I trust that I did this book justice. It is one I will keep and pick up again in the future to refresh myself.

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