Monday, March 1, 2010

A Century Turns by William J. Bennett

Book summery:
Author, historian, and educator William J. Bennett examines America’s last two decades. Volume Three of "America: The Last Best Hope", "A Century Turns" covers the years 1988-2008. Describing years of change, hope, and the beginning of decades we've yet to experience, discover the beginnings of some of today's most prominent people.

My Review:
William J. Bennett is back by popular demand. Now, Vol III of his US History curriculum. If you've been in the dark as to where America has come from the past 20 years, then this is the book for you. Mr. Bennett in his book, "A Century Turns", will bring it all to light for you. He is honest and up-front in his writings as to where we have come from. He'll hold your attention and make you think about where America may be heading in the future. The information he presents is very informative and well written a very pleasant read. The book has several sections of colorful photographs from the past 20 years mingled in with the reading materials. He is straight forward and very truthful in all his writing. He holds to a conservative view, which I liked very much. I do highly recommend it for anyone that really wants to know their history. Mr. Bennett's history books are used in many school throughout America. For educators/homeschoolers: you may check out Mr. Bennett's Road Map to America site here.

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A copy of this book was provided by Thomas Nelson for this review.

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Diane said...

I thought about getting this book, but was nervous by how long it was. Thanks for the review. Very informative :O)