Thursday, March 25, 2010

Real Solutions for Busy Moms by Kathy Ireland

According to the author, motherhood is the most important career in the world. I can wholeheartedly AMEN Ireland for this statement. However, you can't do everything all at once. Maybe you can do it all, but we can spread ourselves too thin. We must learn to take time for ourselves as mothers.
The author says, "I've come to realize that it's truly important to make 'you' one of your priorities. If family really matter, remember that you're a member of your family. When you take care of yourself, your family will benefit more than you can imagine. "

Each chapter of the book is designed to help you win in life as a mom.
  • daily issues you face are discussed
  • questions and answers
  • solutions to solving the need
  • a checklist for staying on track
  • advice from experts to help

This book will help you remove obstacles to reach your dreams and destiny as a mom and person. You can enjoy the life meant for you.

Topics discussed in this book are ~
  • finances
  • building a happy home
  • health
  • safety
  • becoming your best
  • balancing care of others as well as yourself
  • faith


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