Thursday, March 18, 2010

Read aloud book

My daughter and I are reading this book out loud together.

Book Recap:
Golden’s Rule is the story of how a slave’s diary provides inspiration to a modern-day girl battling cancer. The plot focuses on multi-racial fourteen-year-old Maddie Bergamo who seems to have it all—brains, mad moves on the basketball court, true friends, a cute boyfriend, and understanding parents—when suddenly, she is diagnosed with a brain tumor. Caught now in a fight for her life, Maddie tries to remain upbeat and positive, and live as normally as possible. But the tumor starts to claim her coordination, speech, and even her ability to read—and soon it all becomes too great for her to handle. In this darkest hour, Maddie receives an unexpected gift: her great-great-great-grandmother Golden Lea Jackson’s extraordinary diary of life as a slave. Golden Lea’s weathering of trials and hardships are woven into Maddie’s own story of survival and the result is portraits of two girls who find strength and dignity in the direst of circumstances. Golden Lea’s courage against overwhelming odds in the mid 1800s is an inspiration to modern-day Maddie.



Amy said...

Looks good! What's it about?

So glad you linked up to Read Aloud Thursday!

Abi said...

ok I posted a book recap from the publ. site.
Sorry about that.