Monday, March 1, 2010

Dancing with My Father by Sally Clarkson

Book summery:

When trusted author and mentor Sally Clarkson noticed a lack of joy in her own life, she realized how easy it can be, especially for women with overloaded to-do lists, to feel weighed down by drudgery and disappointment. But rather than slogging through her days, Sally wanted to know the delight of God's presence. She began prayerfully exploring how to cultivate deep-rooted joy even in the midst of difficult seasons.
In this warm and wise book, she invites you to experience for yourself what happens when you trust God to lead you into a life of anticipation, passion, and purpose.
My Review:
This book was very interesting in that the Mrs. Clarkson shares her heart for the reader to find how to know God deeply, intimately and personally. How to have a real hunger and thirst for dancing with Him. Joy is a heart issue. We need to seek God's presence in our everyday lives. Each chapter is followed with dig deeper questions along with a prayer. The author makes you think about your relationship with The Father. We need to learn to empty our hands so that we are free to hold His hand-and Dance, let go of our will. We experience the joy of dance when we follow His direction and let Him lead. The author was very easy to understand and conveyed Bible truths in all areas.
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A copy of this book was provided for review by WMPG.


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Richele McFarlin said...

Nice review...I reviewed this book as well.

About the sidebar issue: I have the same problem, except I can add items fine..but I cannot drag items at all. I thought it was just me. I hope it gets fixed soon!