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Diablo's Doom by Sean Willmore & Alison Reynolds

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I'd like to thank Green Books Campaign for providing me with a copy of this book to review for this tour.  Diablo's Doom in one of several books in the Ranger in Danger series.  This is one of those Decide your Destiny books (or choose your own adventure).  I had never really read a DYD book before so thought I'd try my hand at it.  I quickly found out that I was not adventurous, but then again maybe I was too adventurous.  I killed myself within the first 30 minutes of reading the book.  Nice thing about the DYD books you can go back to where you made the wrong choice and make a right choice.  The second time I did a little bit better; however, after changing course by being sent home or something I still have yet to help nab the animal poachers.  There are so many interesting twists and turns in this book.  Diablo's Doom would be loved by any child that has a heart for wildlife and adventure.  The books in this series are based on the adventures of Australian ranger, Sean Willmore, they are written by Alison Reynolds.  This book is set in the Heart of Africa.  The reader learns geography, and animal facts and things about their natural habitat while reading.  This book is manufactured from 100% recycled materials.  You may visit Ranger in Danger web site and learn more about this book and other books in this series.  I totally enjoyed this book and still have to help capture the poachers.  I believe this would be a wonderful book to be found under the Christmas tree by some adventurous little person.  I believe it is geared to your 3-5th graders.  Be sure to check out Five Mile Press there's all kinds of fun stuff waiting to be explored even a Ranger in Danger Web game. 

This is the start of your new life. You have been
selected to travel to Africa as a ranger in
training. You can’t wait!

Rampaging elephants, charging rhinos, and
hungry man-eating crocodiles…The adventures
start from the moment you get on the plane.

A scarred man with an eye patch sits near you.
Is this the evil poacher, Diablo? Can you stop
this international criminal? Will you even make it
off the plane alive?

You decide your destiny.

Based on the adventures of Australian ranger, environmental activist and founder of The Thin Green Line, Sean Willmore, the Ranger in Danger series is written by Alison Reynolds.

The books capture the thrills and chills experienced by international wildlife rangers in their quest to protect the natural environment. Fast-paced and entertaining storylines catapult you into the middle of deadly action.

Read this if you dare. Do you have the courage to be a ranger in danger?

Sean Willmore worked as a ranger on Victoria’s
Mornington Peninsula, until he found out that
rangers around the world were being routinely
killed and injured in the course of their duties and
felt compelled to do something. He sold his car,
remortgaged his house, and took off around the
world with his camera. The result was his
documentary The Thin Green Line.

His efforts to bring attention to the dangerous work undertaken by these wildlife warriors has won him international acclaim.

Using the profits from his film, which has been shown in more than fifty countries, and from donations received from people all over the world, Sean Willmore started The Thin Green Line Foundation. The Thin Green Line Foundation looks after the welfare of rangers’ families where the ranger has been killed in the line of duty, and works to reduce ranger deaths through community conservation projects.

Sean Willmore was the winner of the 2009 United Nations World Environment Day Individual Award. He is a familiar face on children’s TV program Totally Wild and his story has been profiled three times on ABC’s The 7.30 Report and he has been the feature of an ABC Australian Story. He is currently writing a book for the ABC on his experience in conservation.


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I know a young lady who adores these decide your own ending type books. I'm glad that there are some that are "green"