Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Then Sings my Soul by Robert J. Morgan

Have you ever wondered how some of the old traditional hymns came to be???  Well, then this book would be a wonderful place for you to start.  I couldn't believe all the good 'ol hymns that Mr. Morgan decided to put in this book.  I was skeptical at first thinking it would be these praise & worship songs that repeat the same words fifty million times.  No meat and message to them at all in my opinion.  This book is a special edition in that it is made up of many holiday songs.  I was also surprised to see this.  There are about 9 Thanksgiving song, about twice as many Easter and three times as many Christmas.  You'll find some patriotic songs in the book too.  There are just some old-time favorites in there too.

This book is made into a devotional type.  In that there is a scripture with each song history.  On the page opposite the song history is the music score to the song.  The page edges are the rough, scrapbook type.  I just think this book was very well done.  I give it two thumbs up only because that's all the thumbs I have.  I will defiantly be on the look out for more of Morgan's hymn story books.

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Lyn Cote said...

Old hymns inspire me especially when I learn the story behind the hymn.