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A Woman and Her Workplace by Rosemary Flaaten

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Workplace Gossip
by Rosemary Flaaten

My coworker loves to gossip about the rest of the staff behind their backs. How do I deal with it
when she wants to unload the dirt on me? What if I’m the subject of her chitchat?

Gossip is a nemesis that runs rampant in workplaces. A tantalizing snippet of information or a morsel of
exaggerated juicy news goes a long way to spice up a humdrum work environment. But, left unchecked, it creates a toxic environment that will suck the health out of workplace relationships.

The effects of gossip can only be felt when they are passed from one coworker to another. When your gossiping coworker starts to share with you the latest bit of ofDice gossip, it is best to simply stop it. Interrupt her monologue and say “I really don’t want to hear this about this person. I don’t want to get drawn into gossip”. You’re not slamming her behavior; you are simply setting boundaries on your involvement. Chances are she will be surprised and may even mutter something like “Well, you’re no fun.” or sarcastically exclaim, “Aren’t you all high and mighty. We’ll give you the Miss Perfect award.”

Unfortunately, you may Dind that your unwillingness to participate in her gossip circle may make you the brunt of her gossip. But, know that doing the right thing is always the best rule. Perhaps your courage to stand up and stop being engaged in the gossip will make a positive impact on the workplace environment.

Jesus had a great deal to say about how to get along with the people in our lives who are our enemies – people who gossip about us and even slander our character. Jesus evidenced for us the value of speaking the truth in love but He went even further to give us relational pointers that will reverse the toxic nature of gossip. C.S. Lewis referred to the topsy‐turvy nature of God’s kingdom and these four points from Luke 6:27‐28 are indeed counter‐cultural:

1. Love your enemies If loving your coworkers is too high of a hurdle to stride, use the work care instead. Caring for this coworker means that you will not force your convictions on her; you will forgive her for the offensives she has made against you and you will take pleasure in only the truth about her. If this seems impossible – you’re right, it is, on our own. We must open our heart to God and allow His love to Dlow into us so that we can become the conduit of Love to those people who desire evil against us.

2. Do good to those who hate you – Kindness disarms hostility. Find ways to show kindness to her, even while she continues to gossip or slander you. Raise the bar. You have the opportunity to bring kindness and benevolence into the workplace.

3. Bless those who curse you – blessings involves desiring good things to happen to and for others. Blessing is the antithesis of retaliation. When given a chance to say something unkind about someone who has been spreading gossip, choose to Dind something good to say about them. Follow the adage “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

4. Pray for those who mistreat you – As Christ hung on the cross, he prayed for those who had orchestrated his cruciDixion. Praying allows God to transplant our bruised heart with a supple heart that turns our focus to God rather than the mistreatment we have received by the words of others. True heart change will occur when we start praying. 

It is never our responsibility to try to change the gossiping habit of our coworkers. We are simply responsible for our behavior. Deciding that we will not even be a receiver of gossip will break the cycle. Being on the receiving end will necessitate a decision between retaliation and love. Treating our enemies the way we would want to be treated is living out the Golden Rule.

Rosemary Flaaten’s successful book, A Woman and Her Relationships helps women process their outside-ofwork relationships, so now she’s delving into these 9-5 relationships in A Woman and Her Workplace. Her Relationships book won The Word Guild Award, which is Canada's top Christian literary honor. A dynamic speaker—Rosemary challenges women of all professions to view their work as a calling and their workplaces as opportunities to live out Christ’s love. Rosemary lives with her husband and three children in Calgary, Canada.

The author helps the reader learn that working with colleagues as team members is of up most importance in the workplace.  This can prove to be the most challenging aspects of the workplace as well.  In A Woman and Her Workplace, Flaaten explains how to make a healthy work environment with coworkers and how to learn to deal with issues that arise quickly and fairly.  She explains how to build these relationships in a healthy and God pleasing way. Flaaten illustrates throughout her book building workplace relationships with being a civil engineer building a bridge ~ you are designing, building and maintaining.  Love is your main foundation.  Each chapter also looks into the life of Queen Esther in the Bible and how she built relationships for the good; helping the reader to see yourself as a Modern-day Esther~ For such a time as this.  I totally enjoyed this and I'm passing it on to my teenage daughter who is 2nd year Business major/Marketing, Sales and Management.  I believe this will help in her future. I give A Woman and Her Workplace two thumbs-up because I don't have any more thumbs. 

Publisher: Beacon Hill Press
of Kansas City
ISBN-10: 0834125234
ISBN-13: 978-0834125230
Released: September 2010
Paperback: 192 pages
Retail: $14.99
For most people, the workplace is their home-away-from-home. We spend most of our waking hours with coworkers and employers. No blood relation, but yet we must build healthy relationships with them if we hope to excel at our work and enjoy our careers. Just like families, our work families are disturbed by dysfunctional issues. Interactions at work are often anything but ideal, let alone godly.

We find someone to vent about the grumpy boss, that arrogant team member, the lazy coworker who gets by doing nothing, and the undermining woman who makes our lives miserable. Yes, it’s easy to blame them for our workplace woes—but it’s better to look inward at what we have control to change.

A Woman and Her Workplace shows how God can perform a deep heart transformation within us so His love flows through us to the people in our workplaces. By delving into the issues that wreak havoc on our workplace relationships, author Rosemary Flaaten provides readers the help they need to develop and apply strong biblical principles of humility, integrity, forgiveness, grace, and celebration in the workplace.

Through discussing relationships such as boss to staff, woman to man, woman to woman, and teamwork, Rosemary guides women to develop healthy interactions in their workplaces. It makes sense to invest some effort into the relationships where we spend the lion’s share of our waking hours. This book isn’t just for women, though. Men find the book gives them insight into how to make the best of their working relationships with the opposite sex in their offices.


1. Building the Relationship Bridge
2. Pride Vanquished by Humility
3. Deception Defeated by Integrity
4. Anger Diffused by Forgiveness
5. Judgment Dissolved by Grace
6. Envy Rejected by Celebration
7. I'm Part of a Team
8. I'm the Boss
9. I'm NOT the Boss
10. I Work with Him
11. I Work with Her
12. Sharing Your Faith

ROSEMARY FLAATEN’S successful book, A Woman and Her Relationships helps women process their outside-of-work relationships, so now she’s delving into these 9-5 relationships. She writes from a fully equipped life-experience toolkit. In it we find her varied work experience, a counseling and educational background, and a deep love for God as well as a passion to help others. Her Relationships book won The Word Guild Award, which is Canada's top Christian literary honor. A dynamic speaker—Rosemary challenges women of all professions to view their work as a calling and their workplaces as opportunities to live out Christ’s love. Rosemary lives with her husband and three children in Calgary, Canada.

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karenk said...

i don't have an 'office job' but i do work w/ a variety of people on a daily basis...this book sounds wonderful...thanks for the opportunity to read it :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I do have an office job that I really love as a Family Life Administrator. My biggest obstacle is probably just taking everything with a grain of salt, and not taking anyones opinions personally.

Thanks for a super fun giveaway - what a great looking book!


Michelle Rayburn said...

I work from home, but I have many professional contacts with other writers. I also interact with retreat planners in my speaking and I can see how principles in this book can help me.

I think I'm already doing my dream job.


barbjan10 said...

As i am retired, I am now working at home in front of my pc, trying to become an author at the age of 72. My husband is at his pc sitting to my right. Two large dogs and 1 old cat share the floor around our desks, so there are beings in the office to "get along with." LOL Actually, we have another daughter who is starting on a new career journey and is in radio broadcasting school. She suffers from the syndrome that causes her to be antisocial and a loner. She is trying to learn to work against this and learn to be a more social person. I think this book would make the rounds in this family. Thank you for the giveaway and the chance to win this extraordinary book. I pray I win this one as well as the first one I commented on. The daughters I mentioned in both comments are two different individuals with large challenges in store ahead. This would make an excellent Christmas gift as well.

Barb Shelton
barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

xlacrimax said...

I do not have an office job. My dream job - doctor.
xlacrimax at gmail dot com

robynl said...

no office job outside the home anymore as I'm retired.

My dream job would be what I had some years ago and had to quit to go where my then dh was(unfortunately he kicked me out a few years later and I always wandered what would have been if I had stayed at the job).
I would love to be Confidential Secretary to the Labour Relations Manager of a hospital plus do some payroll/employee work such as setting up files in Personnel for new employees.


Katie M said...

What a wonderful giveaway!

No, I do not have a job outside my home. But I do have a job that I can do from home - I sell Avon. I've enjoyed being able to work from home and only go out when having to give out brochures or orders. So far, its worked very well for me!

I'd love a chance to win this giveaway!

- Katie