Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lyn Cote's gift to her readers

Head over to author Lyn Cotes' blog. She is sharing The preview of LaBelle Christiane, her very first manuscript which has never been read publicly before.  Just to whet your appetite I've posted a teaser....

Chapter One

British Canada, July 1774

In a birch bark canoe, Christiane, the Algonquin Shaw-nee-awk-kee who'd adopted her and his son glided down the Ottawa River. She was taking another journey that would change her life. In front and behind her came only the rhythmic dip and swish of paddles. In the cramped space between, she hugged her knees to herself and pressed her forehead against her tattered skirt.

She glanced sideways into the remorseless current, wishing for time, for control. But instead, the river, shimmering with molten sunlight, gave her glimmers of the past--candlelight on silver, soft lace against skin, frosting on the tip of the tongue. But she'd fled France with her father, here to Canada and then. . . . She thrust all thoughts of the past year aside. She had to face today. Tonight, I'll be some stranger's wife....(want to read the rest of Chapter one? head over to Strong Women Brave Stories here....)


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