Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Uncle Eben's Christmas by Stephen Alan Slater

 This is a modern-day twist to Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.  Uncle Eben isn't the bah humbug that Scrooge is.  He just doesn't want to include the religious aspect into the Christmas season.  He loves Christmas and gets caught up in it but without the Christ.  He just doesn't want to offend anyone.  A few days before Christmas he meets up with the Witness who shows him his past, present and future if he continues on the road he's on.  It is a very cute fun read for the whole family.  It isn't a real long book only about 100 pages.  The plot and setting moved smoothly and had a Christmas feel about it.  Very easy and quick to read.  I loved it. 

A copy of this book was provided by BIO communications for this review


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