Monday, January 24, 2011

the Good, the Bad and the Ugly... or something like that

OK today I'm going to guide you back to Seekerville again. Author 

Good morning, SEEKERVILLE!!!!

Oh my stars, what a fun week it’s been already, and it’s Thursday. That makes tomorrow Friday, and then the weekend cometh.

So, Good, Bad and Ugly….
Clint Eastwood... 'nuff said!

Let’s start with the reason we’re here. My office. See, I’m cleaning it. This is no ordinary job. No menial task. Nothing to be undertaken lightly. If you go HERE, and scroll down past the awesome pic of Vince and Made to Order Family, you’ll see what I mean. (And yes, of course this is a shameless plug for Vince and the awesome award he gave me because why WOULDN’T I  give that a shameless plug??? My FIRST published author award!!!!  YAY!!!! But I digress, per usual…)

And while cleaning (Three garbage bags later, 2 ½ boxes of books so far, and one super-ugly desk, spray-painted black with (gag) gold gilt trim that I got at a garage sale for $10…And I'm only half-done. For real.) I found old contest entries.
Humbling, to say the least. And downright UGLY.....(read the rest of the article here.)


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