Thursday, January 20, 2011

How does your favorite author compare???

check out this guest article at Seekerville.  Tina Radcliffe wrote an article comparing authors and their writing style to the characters in the 100 Acre Woods.  What character is your favorite author????  check out the complete article here...

Winnie the Pooh and Writers too
by Tina Radcliffe

Today you're in luck because the local chapter of the
Winnie the Pooh and Writer's Too is meeting at the Hundred Acre Wood.

We'll observe and dissect what kind of writer they are and maybe you'll see yourself or someone you know.

Bears just want to have fun!

This writer wants to have written a novel. He's a master procrastinator and makes several trips to the snack table (just a bit of hunny) as the rest of the group is settling down to plot storm.

"Oh, bother..."

"Think. Think. Think."

Truth be told, he'd rather help you with your story. Maybe read your first three chapters and tell you how to fix that nasty external plot issue, because he really doesn't want to work on his manuscript.....(Read the rest of the article here at Seekerville...)



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