Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just a little FUN!!

OK my daughter and are are taking this challenge.  We read Emily of New Moon last year.  We've watched the Anne of Green Gable movies and have read the Anne of Green Gable books.  Not that we wouldn't do them all over again they are good enough to go over again.  However, this year we thought we'd try the Road to Avonlea TV series.... our library has season 1-7 DVD sets and we are excited.  We checked out the first two seasons and are ready to travel the Avonlea Road every chance we get.

Try some fun by taking this character test see how you rate:

Which L. M. Montgomery character are you?
Your Result: Marilla Cuthbert
A firm and very stubborn person by nature, you are toughened by the many seasons of life. When someone has gotten to know you, however, they see a very tender and loving soul under the tough exterior.
Sarah Stanley
Anne Shirley
Emily Starr
Victoria Stuart
Which L. M. Montgomery character are you?
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Carrie said...

I like how so many people are coming up with different ways to participate in this challenge this year. It's really fun to see what choices everyone is making.

Glad you are playing along!