Friday, June 3, 2011

A Great Catch by Lorna Seilstad

Couldn't ask for a more enjoyable, delightful, fun read.  This book was superb.  This was one of those that you just don't want to set it down and then when you get to the end you say it can't be over.  This is a book you'll never want to see end.  The characters are absolutely wonderful.  I love books with a feisty, spitfire, determined heroine.  That is just what you'll get when you read Lorna Seilstad's book A Great Catch.  This was my first book of hers to read and I loved it and she is a favorite of mine now.  I'm going to have to look up more of her books.  Emily doesn't let anything stand in her way, not even men.  She's determined, strong, independent, stubborn and driven by a cause.  However, so is her counterpart Carter.  Carter seems more sure of himself where Emily is lacking in her self confidence.  She is ready to take on the world, but watch out her clumsiness will get her in more than one scrape as you read.  I loved the humor that Seilstad puts into Emily.  She has a good heart, but sometimes things just don't turn out so right for her.  Emily's grandma and two aunts add just the right mix as secondary characters.  You'll fall in love with them too. They are quite the characters.  This was a most wonderful read and lots of hoots.  Oh, yes, I just love, love, love the cover of this book too.  It is so appropriate. 

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