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main character/author interview

To benefit the readers of this blog, Shae of Whellein, the main character from DawnSinger, first of the epic fantasy trilogy, Tales of Faeraven, granted a rare interview to Janalyn Voigt, her author. 

Janalyn: Tell me Shae, why you always seem to be at the center of trouble. 
Shae: I often wonder that too. Problems just seem to follow me around. Maybe I’m too much like my brother, Daeven. He didn’t want to settle down to the responsibilities of a first-born son, so he ran away to sail the seas. They say wreckers lured his ship to its doom on the Coast of Bones. I don’t want to end up like Daeven. If only I could be more like my twin sister, Katera. She seems made for a simple life. It doesn’t help that sometimes visions warn me of lurking evil, or that souls touch mine in the night. 

Janalyn: Visions of evil? Souls touching in the night? That sounds serious. 
Shae: Things have gotten intense ever since Kai rode into the garden at Whellein Hold on the back of a wingabeast, a kind of winged horse ridden only by Guardians of Rivenn. Kai brought a summons that changed my life forever. But he was followed. 

Janalyn: Followed? Why? 
Shae: Ask Kai. He won’t tell me his secrets, no matter how irritated I become. 

Janalyn: For those who haven’t met him, who is Kai? 
Shae: I’m not certain I really know. He’s always been there, in the background of my life. But things have changed, and I’m not sure where I fit in his life any more. 

Janalyn: Won’t he tell you that either? 
Shae: He says he loves me, despite everything. I’m grateful for that anyway, especially after what happened that night with Freaer. 

Janalyn: Care to elaborate? Let’s start with introducing Freaer. 
Shae: Beyond the fact that he’s a musician, I don’t exactly know who Freaer is either. He fascinates me, and whenever he’s near I don’t feel quite – safe. 

Janalyn: But something happened with this Freaer you don’t know? 
Shae: Don’t look so smug when you say that! I’d answer your question but Kai told me not to tell. 

Janalyn: *Sigh.* I begin to understand why trouble follows you around. So, is there anyone else we should know about? 
Shae: Well, there’s also Elcon, heir to the throne of Faeraven. I’m drawn to him, and he seems kind. He’s sad right now because his mother is dying, and I think he’s a little scared. He’s young to become a High King, especially with trouble brewing in Elderland. 

Janalyn: Do you think the evil you mentioned earlier lies behind the trouble in Elderland? 
Shae: I don’t doubt it. There’s an answer somewhere in all the riddles that surround me. I know it. I only hope I can find it in time, and that I’ll have the courage to face the trials that come, no matter what they cost me. Maybe then I can redeem myself a little. 

Janalyn: Thanks for being so candid, Shae. I appreciate this chance to get to know you better. 
Shae: Thanks for thinking of me. I guess we’ll both find out what happens as you continue writing. What are the names of your novels again? 

Janalyn: I’m glad you asked. The three books in the Tales of Faeraven trilogy are DawnSinger, Wayfarer and DawnKing. 

Learn more about this book and visit the tour here.  

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