Thursday, September 27, 2012

She's Got Issues by Nicole Unice

We all have issues in life and Nicole has nailed it down to 5.  She has found that most women have at least one of the five issues in her life.  In her book She's Got Issues she discusses the 5 issues over 10 chapters taking two chapters per issue.   The first chapter she helps the reader define the issue along with an assessment to take to see if you have a problem with the issue. and the second chapter she explores effective ways to deal with the issue.  Each chapter has a prayer, journal exercise and group discussion there is also a web link you can connect to and Nicole gives a few minute encouraging talk on the issue.  There are scriptures listed to help with the issue as well as questions for personal reflection.  The DVD has a participates guide that can be downloaded for groups to use also each issue has a character interview to watch (5 min) a journal inventory entry time as well as a 20 min. session where Nicole will go over the issue with biblical principles added.  There are also bonus discussion questions to use in the group setting.  I haven't found anything not to like about this book and DVD curriculum.  It would make an excellent fall ladies study.

The 5 Issues discussed are:
  • Control
  • Insecurity
  • Comparison
  • Fear
  • Anger/Unforgiveness
Some issues I could easily relate to where others I found were less of a problem for me in my life because they had already been dealt with.  

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