Friday, September 14, 2012

Why Bold is Better by Diane Markins

Why Bold is Better
by Diane Markins

“Your dress has really bold colors.” Does that sound like an insult in any way? How about this one: “That was a really bold choice.” Would you consider this criticism?

I hope not! I’d never wear something that would melt into the background of a beige room. I’d hate it if someone said, “You made a very safe, easy choice.”

Being bold means taking risks, not fearing failure or rejection and requires intentional thinking. When we live boldly for God we have empowerment and passion to make our boldness meaningful.

Settling for mediocrity in marriage, as parents, in careers, friendship, faith or ministry is not bold. God wants us to pursue everything we do with intensity and decisiveness. This means we are frequently checking the pulse of our pursuits and rapidly responding when we get a distress signal.

Is your marriage (especially in bed) ho-hum? Find some bold ways to rev it back up. Are your kids struggling? Don’t just shrug and follow the “traditional wisdom,” think creatively about taking brave actions no one else would.

Do your prayers feel more like talking to the ceiling fan than conversations with a wise, cherished friend? Do something wild and new to transform.

Don’t confuse boldness with arrogance or recklessness. When your bold actions are paired with love, respect and clarity the results will translate as conviction with complete humility.

Jesus has a bold message and He is asking you to not only share it, but live it! Bold is truly better.

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Karen and Gerard said...

I definitely prefer bold colors to pastels. I am bold when I pray and am bold in discussing things I am passionate about.

Anonymous said...

I don't like to stand out in the crowd. But I do like to be in fashion in my clothes. Red/Purple redhatter