Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hero's Tribute by Graham Garrison

My review:
What does it take to be a hero, to be a legend? Reporter Wes Watkins of the North Georgia News is on a special quest; one of which was different in many ways. He was requested by Michael Gavin of Talking Creek, GA to deliver his eulogy at his funeral. How can a reporter, that knows nothing about this former community star and military war hero, give a proper eulogy for someone he doesn't even know. That was exactly what Michael wanted someone that would tell the truth at about him at his funeral not give a sugar coated eulogy. He wanted a fresh, critical look into his life. He wanted a genuine up front eulogy and Michael liked Wes' prose. Michael even supplied Wes a list of names to talk to. What good will it bring out? Wes is soon to find out. Coming into contact with a dead man's ghosts can change a man in more than one way. He's about to learn what it really means and takes to be a hero and a legend.

I did enjoy this book; however, it was not my normal genre which is good to step out of comfort zone once in awhile and broaden your horizons. I would place on one a scale from 1-5 at about 3.5, but others may like this genre and love this book immensely. There are on occasion curse words used in this book that I must mention as is my policy. I'm a romance, historical lover so this one didn't fit that genre; however, not a lot of action either. I guess it is definitely a general read.

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