Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ultimate Kiss Day # 4 ~ A Passion Redeemed

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Kiss scene taken from:
Julie Lessman's book, A Passion Redeemed, p. 92-94

Dear God, what was happening? It was as if he had no control over his hand as it strayed from the towel to the soft curve of her neck. A tilt of her head, the blush of her cheeks, and suddenly he was two different men. One whose every muscle, thought, and desire strained toward wanting her. The other, a distant voice of conscience and memory, quickly fading with every throb of his renegade pulse. Curse the effect of the wine! What else could explain this driving insanity pulsing through him right now? His fingers burned as they lingered, slowly tracing to the hollow of her throat. Against his will, Mitch fixated on her lips, lush and full, staggered at the heat they generated. What was he doing? He didn't want this.

Yes...he did.

All night he'd felt it mounting, a desire in his belly that grew tight at the sound of her laughter, the lift of her chin, the light in her eyes. A woman with cool confidence around everyone but him. Call it the wine. Or the fact he hadn't been this close to a woman for well over a year. Or the intoxicating awareness that his very presence seemed to unnerve her. Whatever name it bore, it had him by the throat, taking him places he'd vowed he'd never go.

She blinked up at him, eyes wide and wondering. He was taking her by surprise, and knew it. But no more so than him. He stared at her lips, feeling the draw and unwilling to fight it. His fingers moved up her throat to gently cup her chin, his eyes burning with intent. Slowly, carefully, he leaned forward, his mouth finally reached hers, his breathing ragged as he tasted her lips.

A soft mew left her throat, and the sound ignited him. He pulled her close, his mouth demanding hers. She moaned while he pressed her to the counter, holding her there as he deepened the kiss. With a deep groan, his arms swallowed her up, drawing her small frame tightly against his. He pressed his lips to her hair, allowing her scent to flood his consume him.

Just like before.

His heart sized.. What was he doing? The more he touched, the more he wanted. But she had ruined his life. Dashed his hopes. Destroyed his dreams. Dear God in heaven, he wanted her...but he didn't want her.

Charity stood in a daze, eyes closed and chin raised, every nerve in her body quivering. The sound of her own breathing vibrated in her ears, rasping through parted lips as she waited for more. She felt the heat of his fingers as he clutched her arms, and the silence between them overflowed with the pounding of blood in her brain. Joy surged inside like an adrenaline rush. Dear Lord, how she loved him!

All at once he dropped his hold Her eyes fluttered open, and his look chilled her more than the absence of his touch.

The heat in his eyes cooled to guarded, and his jaw turned to stone as he backed away. "Charity...I...please forgive me."

Fear squeezed in her stomach. "There's noting to forgive I love you-"

He groaned and began to pace, muttering under his breath. When he spoke out loud, his voice was a near grow. "You don't love me. I took advantage of you, plain and simple."

"No, you didn't. I want you, Mitch." She took a step forward. "And you want me. Because you love me."

He turned, his eyes piercing hers. "lust isn't love."...

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Julie Lessman said...

ABI!!! You sweetheart, you! You picked one of my favorite love scenes from the Daughters of Boston series -- THANK YOU!! So glad we have similar taste!! :)

Can't wait to read some of the other "ultimate kisses" your readers come up with.


P.S. The third last word should be "lust" instead of "lost," although I guess that makes sense too! :)


Abi said...

I fixed the word. Thanks for letting me know. appreciate it. spell check is good if the word isn't a word. Now did that make sense.

Have a bright day.